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Written by Ira White.


Mr. McGillicuddy, an aging WWII vet with dimentia, is the titular head of the family. He desperately wants to be remembered and loved by his family and others he meets. His family is loyal and loving, but the times have provided them with several challenges to test the strength of their bonds: a violent meth-head stalker, lack of money and social services, a troublesome pregnancy with no sign of the father and a teen trying to find herself. With Gil's dimentia getting worse, another challenge arises and remains hidden from the family's view until it was almost impossible to do anything about it. This challenge will be a fight for the lives of the family. An unlikely heroine will charge out of the trenches in an attempt to help her grandfather in his time of need and keep the family together. Will her efforts be enough?


We won't forget you, Mr. McGillicuddy

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