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Correction Connection
Prison Blues Retail Center 

We have a wide variety of Prison Blues products at our physical location in Pendleton. Feel free to stop by and see it in person!

To shop their online collection check out their website!

Phone: 1-541-276-1169, 1-800-790-8818

Work Jeans & Denim Apparel

Denim Work Apparel Made On The Inside To Be Worn on the Outside

Prison Blues  garment factory creates durable work jeans and denim apparel. In 1989, they began carrying high-quality Prison Blues shirts, work jackets, jeans and other denim work apparel. We are located in Eastern Oregon near the base of the Blue Mountains in historic Pendleton Oregon, USA. All of our Prison Blues brand clothing are made by inmates currently serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute.


Denim Apparel Proudly Made In The USA

Their main goal was to significantly reduce the burden of incarceration costs on taxpayers. Prison Blues gives inmates the ability to earn a prevailing industry wage while paying for their own incarceration costs and other payments. Never forgetting their roots, the denim jeans and denim apparel sold by Prison Blues is still worn by inmates throughout Oregon. Prison Blues is confident their durable work jeans, work shirts and denim jackets will serve you for a long time.

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